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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Town Hall Burglar Strikes Again!

Of all people County GOP operative Richard Crist could have chosen as a veteran to attack Legislator Kevin Harrington on the bogus GOP claims that he claimed to have an honorable discharge from the military and does not, former North Greenbush Town Comptroller Tyler Sawyer is the last person Crist should have picked to sign his dirty work sent through the mails to an unknown number of veterans.

Sawyer's name is on a letter sent to veterans who are already angry, not at Harrington, but at Sawyer for allowing himself to be used by Crist and the GOP to attack Harrington's military service. All this while the GOP looks the other way at the distinguished criminal arrest record of one of their stellar candidates for the county legislature who is opposing Harrington.

Sawyer was named in a town police report as the person who entered the town clerk's unlocked records room to grab the town oath book, secretly copy some pages while on a political intelligence mission for the GOP. The prize was Clerk Connolly's oath of office which she forgot to sign. Once secured using the clerk's own copy machine, made possible because she was outside smoking and made the mistake of trusting Sawyer, the politically driven comptroller turned the stolen goods over to the town supervisor who began to use the proof to have Connolly's office declared vacant.

The great town hall oath book caper ranks right up there with the former town attorney's daylight twinkle toes operation to remove town legal records while newly elected officials were preparing to be sworn in just down the hall. How smart was that caper?

Sawyer who also failed to make a required payment to the State Retirement fund so his GOP board members could make a false claim of a surplus, played politics often with his job as the town's chief financial officer. His claim in the letter attacking Harrington of not being politically motivated is laughable beyond words, especially considering that when he was not reappointed by the new town board in North Greenbush, the GOP put him back on the dole as the GOP appointed County Auditor in the County Legislature.

The GOP has become increasingly desperate to deflect the Democratic message reminding voters that Republicans raised property taxes 110%, sales and sewer taxes by 33%, imposed a new cell phone tax and increase motor vehicle and mortgages taxes since they have held the legislature's majority. Adding to their problems is the fact that those poor Republicans gave themselves post election pay raises of 33%, $5,000 a year, just to make sure they didn't feel the pain of paying all those new taxes.

With Richard Crist down in the gutter, allowing forgery on a piece of campaign literature in the City of Rensselaer and other disgraceful tactics, the GOP has opened the door to retaliation. We'll have to wait and see what the Democrats do as the campaign winds down.


Anonymous said...

Just read Mike Miner got the endorsement of Paul Tazbir. Talk about the kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

Talk about your double whammy- Bob Ashe endorsing EVERS. What next? I guess the real Dems have this one locked up. Schnebly is supporting Connolly. Is it Christmas already?????

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this picture. It looks just like Tyler. Interesting how this guy keeps finding trouble no matter where he goes.