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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Greenbush Party Singing a Winning Tune

Last night's Greenbush Party event at Moscatiello's Restaurant had the crown clapping and singing. While the song was not Sinatra, it was a theme that energized the base. The tune, "We Will Stand Up", comes from the Pete Seegar songbook but the words were customized to the issues of the current election. It's all about development and the kind of development the Republicans want to impose on the town verses the development favored by the residents of the town.

Two other songs from the Seegar Songbook were also reworded including "Which Side Are You ON" and "We Shall Not Be Moved". More importantly, the group which attracted more votes than any other party in the general election of 2007, raised a significant amount of money and began the distribution of their well recognized and recycled signs, cleverly changed with a decal to denote the new Row E they now run on.

The big difference in this election is that the Greenbush Party has a second line which was held by the Republican slate in the last election. The second place line in 2007 now belongs to Greenbush Party candidates and that line is the Democratic Party. Together, these lines accounted for 60% of the general election votes cast in 2007.

Here's a look back at the excitement generated by the Greenbush Party in 2007.

About all that's changed on these signs is the letter "F" which has now been replaced by the letter "E" on the newly recycled signs which we expect will be dotting the town's landscape in a matter of days.

Town Board Meeting of 10/8/09

Here is a link to the audio of the Town Board Meeting this evening. Just click the Pipeline Radio icon above and you can listen on line. Sorry, the Town Board just does not want the public to see their meetings on Time Warner Cable anymore despite the purchase of all that video and recording equipment.

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Interested Party said...

I hope the Greenbush party group can get our Town back on track and stop the developer giveaways. And the Clerk's office badly needs overhauling- I'm sure Jann is up for the challenge.