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Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome President Obama!

It's clearly the most exciting political event to happen around here in years and we're thrilled to know that the President of the United States will be visiting the area and drive through our little town on his way the HVCC this morning.

Williams Road is scheduled to be closed which may indicate that the motorcade will briefly turn onto Williams Road on its way to the entrances of HVCC. But regardless of how President Obama gets here, it is quite a trill to have the American Presidency touch our home town with a personal visit.

The only sad part is that some type of supportive rally could not have been scheduled that would have permitted the thousands of people who would have loved to see the President get that chance. Tickets are invitation only and most of the political establishment will not get a chance to see him, nor will the general public.

Nonetheless,we welcome President Obama and hopefully get to note the brief passage of his motorcade in North Greenbush and let it be known that Williams Hall, where Obama will give his speech is not in Troy, but rather here, in North Greenbush!

Just Say "NO" to Fiacco

Last Thursday, County Legislative candidate Leon Fiacco is said to have gotten a bit pushy with the owner of Kendall's Volvo on Washington Avenue and the intersection of the I-90 ramp to DeFreestville.

Leon apparently wanted to put one of his lawn signs on the businessman's property and he politely said no, explaining its bad for business to support either side in an election. That did nothing to appease Fiacco who left in a huff only to send some muscle back to reargue the word no.

Another family member arrived to take up the conversation with the owner and he was met with what he felt was a threatening affirmation to the effect that "You will put a sign here". That was all it took because he called police to make sure the gentleman left and to put the incident on record in case his property fell victim to some vandalism later. Fiacco left before the police came but not before the incident became part of the North Greenbush police blotter.

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