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Monday, September 14, 2009

Democrats Open Headquarters

North Greenbush Democrats have been busy breaking in a new campaign headquarters on Main Avenue in Wynantskill. The spacious facility will facilitate state of the art technology including computer generated robo calls.

Democrats also hope to to make the facility available for meetings, small fundraisers and meet the candidates evenings for the public. It is located across the street from the Hiway Recreation bowling alley.

You can read about it here in today's Record here along with more details on a forgery caper that involves one of Lou Desso's and Leon Fiacco's key campaign consultant's, Richard Crist. We can't wait to see them grow the kahunas to demand Crist's resignation for forging a union leader's name to one of their running mates campaign pieces sent through the US Mails. Surely Fiacco and Desso are intolerant of those who commit forgery to win a primary and use the mails to perpetuate election fraud. You are intolerant of such folks, right boys?

Overtime Pay Anyone?

It seems like the Town Clerk is going through a great deal of trouble avoiding releasing overtime dollars expended in three departments over two years. One of those departments is the town clerk's office which is supposed to cover town board meetings and take minutes. Over the last several years, there have been more than just one member of that office attending the meetings and apparently, when it is not the elected Clerk at the desk, overtime is being paid to a deputy. How much we can't say yet, although it could easily amount to $4,000 over the course of a year.

The problem of course is that NO Overtime has been allocated in the town budget for this purpose so all of the money is an expense which neither the town board or the Clerk anticipate in their budgets.

When shown a multipage document provided in answer to that FOIL request, the town Comptroller, whose, office provided the data looked stunned. It had been whited out in an area in which he had writtten a date as part of a comment. That date was to make clear that from a point in July of this year forward, the overtime beign charged from the clerk's budget would now be charged to the town board's budget. The clerk, however, had written a long self serving letter which implied all overtime for that purpose was charged to the town board's budget. The Comptroller also indictaed he had provided a document with the actual dollars expended and budgeted for the three departments requested over the two year period requested. In other words, a simple, clear and short answer to to the foil. However, that document was not turned over by the clerk's office. It must have been too clear!

Stay tuned on this one as the excuses for the amount being concealed are sure to be as creative as the effort not to disclose the information via a FOIL request.


Anonymous said...

speaking of Leon Fiacco, what is this I'm hearing about his father's purchase of multiple properties on Rt. 4 and the efforts to re-zone big box? Can the Pipeline connect the dots on this relationship to development and Fiacco properties?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the extra employee from the the Town Clerk's office is not being paid for attendance at these meetings. They would definitely not be the first employee in history to put in unpaid hours.

Also.. Your statements make you appear to be a political watchdog. If that is the case how can you endorse a law breaker like Mr Harrington. The sign in the rear window of his vehicle is a violation NYS V&TL Sect 375-30 as the sign keeps him from having full view as required by the law.

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

In answer to your comment, the answer is no. No one works for free when attending these meetings.
As for the signs you accuse Mr. Harrington of displaying in violation of the VHT, get real. They were placed on the car for the picture. It wasn't moving and was parked.

Interested Party said...

Looks like Richie Rich has a little 'splainin to do. Also, funny that Louis J. does not have a sign in front of Leon's shops on Route 4 near Sunoco- Leon must have told him keep out- trouble in paradise???