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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Town Board Meeting Tonight

The Town Board has a sleepy agenda posted for tonight's regular meeting. You can read it here. The board should be adding the canceling of both of their scheduled Public Hearings on the Comprehensive Plan requested by Al Spain because he failed to execute the request properly and after his committee held its own Public Hearing.

Spain had his committee schedule a Public Hearing on July 21st at 6PM. This is the same night the Town Board has a Public Hearing scheduled on the Comprehensive Plan. It will obviously need to be canceled so it is likely this will be added to the agenda.

Tuesday evening, Spain wanted nothing to do with a letter prepared by CB Smith which detailed the many mis-steps of his Comprehensive Plan Committee. That letter was filed with he Town Clerk yesterday and you can now view it here. Yep, Mr. Spain, now you can see it from the comfort of your Troy City Hall computer. And so can everyone else who is following your conduct of this committee.
Cpc Letter 7709 Cb

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