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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Gentleman Returns

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Last night's CPC Public Hearing and meeting saw the return of Al Spain, the gentleman we thought we knew. In stark contrast to his behavior at the last town board meeting and of his Comprehensive Plan Committee, Mr. Spain behaved as a public official and gentleman should.

He endured the difficult criticism of the failure to comply with the Open Meetings Law, but without the anger and arrogance which stunned so many long time observers and friends. Still, neither he nor any member of his committee had any refutation of the pointed criticism which has so deeply flawed the revisions to the Comprehensive Plan made by his second committee.

The meeting he conducted after the Public Hearing clearly displayed the flaws of the vast majority of his meetings over the last 18 months.There were motions, discussions and votes, all of which were being recorded in minutes which presumably contain an accurate account of those actions. There was a quorum present and voting. This is exactly the way every meeting in which actions were taken should have been conducted. Had they been conducted in this manner, residents would be able to read minutes which explained the changes proposed by his committee. Instead we are left in the dark as to what the changes are and why they were made.

That's why it is critical that this committee hold a public information meeting in which they outline the proposed changes to this draft from the plan submitted by the first committee and explain the reasons behind the changes.

Let's hope for no less. Until then, good meeting Mr. Spain.

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