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Friday, July 17, 2009

Desso Blows Water Deal

He just couldn't resist trying to use the long planned sale of water to Poestenkill to help him in his ill advised political campaign to run for the County Legislature while representing North Greenbush on the Town Board. Last night, the Poestenkill Town Board handed him a big no thank you to his plan to sell water to that community and leaving North Greenbush Taxpayers holding the bag on millions in infrastructure improvements justified as necessary to be able to make money selling water to Poestenkill.

Instead of leaving the contract negotiations to legal professionals, Desso injected himself as the "lead negotiator" on behalf of North Greenbush in order to play politics with this important revenue source and score political points for the election in a legislative district that includes Poestenkill.

The Poestenkill Town Board rejected Lou's offer and instead will turn to Brunswick for its water. Desso can now explain to North Greenbush residents why he didn't leave the contract negotions up to professionals instead of politicians with no experience in contract negotiations. He can also explain to Poestenkill residents why his offer and proposal was so distasteful that town officials decided to buy the same Troy water from another town's distribution system.

Lou Desso has shown us one reason it is ill advised to attempt to hold two conflicting elective offices. You can't serve two masters and in this case both masters have good reason to hold Mr. Desso accountable.


Anonymous said...

We ALL know of Mr. Desso's checkered past and yet- some choose to overlook the obvious and jump on his bandwagon. Hopefully, the Public now knows what I have known for 36 years- Lou is out for LOU, Nothing more-nothing less. You are what you are Lou-you may paint the picture differently day by day but at night when you lay your head down-you are still South Troy's Landmark Louie. That's the problem. Do your constituents a favor-leave it to the professionals. Obviously, you are not qualified. All talk=all the time.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Lou-!

Hint the sarcasm

Anonymous said...

do the right thing and save the taxpayers $$$$$ RESIGN !!!!!