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Monday, June 22, 2009

Returns Department

Word is that the spending spree Mark Evers went on for $20,000 plus in new copiers is not sitting well with his former running mates, save Ernie Kern, who just does what Evers tell him to.

Consequently, there is a movement afoot to force the return of the machines, purchased in the midst of the most serious fiscal crisis in recent memory.Evers apparently ordered the expensive machines without the needed consent of the town board. He signed the needed authorizations without first getting the required town board approval. Town Law allows the Supervisor to enter into contracts AFTER the town board approves.

So we'll have to wait for the agenda for this week's Workshop meeting which is taking on the aura of a fiscal workshop devoted to identifying the shortfall projections and ways of reducing spending before the town is hit with massive tax hike to pay for the excesses. No, the agenda is not on the town web site yet. The Town Clerk has apparently told the Supervisor she is no longer going to cover for him or do his job for him by doing the agenda.Hence, we may not see it on line for a while.

Too bad she didn't figure him out a couple of years ago when she was a staunch ally. The same can be said for Al Spain and Lou Desso who ran with Evers last year. Better late than never, hey?


Interested Party said...

Too bad we can't return Evers for fair market value- probably wouldn't get much, though- certainly would not get what he asked for in his big fat raise last year.

Anonymous said...

get the money back for the copiers and instead spend the money on a nice GOING AWAY party for evers......