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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Copier Blues in the Record

The Troy Record added its voice to the copier blues and the effect of the dubious purchase on the town's recently disclosed quarter million dollar projected deficit. The question seemingly omitted from the story is the one repeatedly asked of Supervisor Evers when he acts in defiance of the law, why would he sign a contract without getting the required town board approval?

The answer would surely be a sleight of hand response had the question been asked because there is no excuse to ignore the statute "General Powers Town Board" Sec 64 Sub 6 which under "Award and Execution of Town Contracts" states "The Town may award a contract for any purposes authorized by law and the same shall be executed by the Town Supervisor in the name of the Town after approval by the Town Board." Yep, that word AFTER just seems to jump off the page, doesn't it?

Maybe there was no point in putting the question to Evers anymore than there is a valid excuse for hiring people without a vote of the town board or giving them a raise with that self appointed job or letting them have insurance buyouts they are not eligible for or putting yourself on the town insurance and refusing to pay it back when caught or letting someone else keep $20,000 in insurance premiums they were never eligible for and on and on and on!

It's Mark Evers boys and girls, its just the way he is and you and I get to pay for it. And please note the Evers excuse for not returning the money he improperly ordered paid to people via health insurance premiums they were not eligible for. "It was offered to these people, myself included, he said." Yo Mark, who offered it, remember, it was you who raided the bank by offering the coverage and two of the buyout checks to people, like yourself, who were not legally eligible. Nice one Mark! You sure whizzed that one by the reporter!

So read the Record's account of the Copier Blues here and get ready for the next shock, town employees react to deficit and possible layoffs by grabbing more health insurance buyouts! Christmas comes in June in town hall.

You can also read the full text of North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley's calls for action by the Town Board to address the deficit here.

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Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I've worked in schools where 100+ teachers shared ONE copier.

Can't imagine the town is making more copies than teachers would.