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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Wilson Pakula Festival!

Town Board Conservatives celebrated a Wilson Pakula love fest last evening as they straight faced denied any GOP pressure for their votes for a GOP judicial candidate in return for Republican endorsements and Wilson Pakula Waivers for those chosen to run on the GOP line.

What Board members didn't know is that the GOP Party Chairman's recent e-mail to his troops and candidates has been turned over to the FBI's Albany Office after party members, concerned over the demands for an official act of the town board be made in exchange for their endorsement, made the document available to authorities. The e-mail sent to several committee members and at least one town board member states "Our decision may be determined by a number of things not the least being how the town board decides some issues in the near future that are important to us."

Your decision will be based on how the "Town Board" decides issues of importance to you, you say? That's crossing the legal line boys and girls. The e-mail distribution list even includes the county chairman's address, RENGOP@aol.com. Always good to keep the man with the authority to sign the Wilson Pakula waiver in the loop. It also includes GOP Legislative staffer Richard Crist, Board Member Lou Desso and candidate Stephanie Piel.

Gee, what official acts of the Town Board could the GOP committee been interested in in exchange for their endorsement of these Conservatives? Perhaps a resolution declaring it National Tulip Month? We'll leave that for the federal investigators to determine. The former Illinois governor tried to sell his office and power to appoint a Senator for a some campaign cash. He's facing a myriad of federal charges thanks to some taped conversations.

In this case they may not only have some taped conversations, but they have an email transmitted over the internet, a form of wire fraud, detailing their consideration for a party endorsement in exchange for an act of the Town Board. We're sure the feds will be thrilled to hear exactly what act of the North Greenbush Town Board you all expected for your endorsement. If they don't buy the Tulip Resolution, you can come up with an explanation that won't get you charged with lying to federal investigators, say the appointment of a town judge.

Good luck and nice job boys and girls. You can hear the entire public portion of last night's meeting here. Yep, the folks in Albany can listen from the comfort of their offices.


Anonymous said...

Lou,Lou, Lou
You have spoken. We now KNOW where you stand. We have warned you if you allow yourself to be bought. Now- YOU will pay the price. IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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