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Monday, April 13, 2009

Who Do They Work For?

Editor's Note: The Town GOP Committee is planning to meet tonight at 7pm at St. Timothy's Church. Chairman DiJulio has blogged an open invitation to the public to attend. He has also invited interested candidates to bring their resumes. Yes, he has even invited DEMOCRATS to attend, presumably because he is willing to endorse Democrats, (He calls it doing what is in the best interest of the town). We urge residents and DEMOCRATS to attend and BRING YOUR RESUMES!

After last Thursday night's expose detailing employee malfeasance in overseeing and managing the contractor in Water 14, the Town Board has to be asking themselves the question, "Who do these folks really think they work for?"

To listen to Mr. Patti, the so called Utilities Inspector and now, incredibly, Project Coordinator tell it, the town should have to pay when the contractor does damage to sewer pipes while installing water pipes. Never a thought, however to the contractor paying for damage he does to the sewer pipes! Listen to the audio of Mr. Patti trying to explain how the contractor did damage to a resident's sewer lines and apparently was able to cover it up because our Inspector was either not there when it happened or looked the other way. This is not different than the mess on Streamview Lane we reported in which the contractor damaged the sewer line and literally covered it up, except in this case, town officials were well aware of the damage and simply did not cause the contractor to be billed the $7,000 it cost to fix the mess.

This leads us to wonder who the Building Department folks think they work for, the contractor or taxpayers? Listen too as Board Member Spain goes after the issues Democrats and this publication have been hammering for months, contractor accountability. That must be hard for them to do after accepting his Conservative Party endorsement in the last election.Anyway listen on our new Pipeline Radio and judge for yourself

Then treat yourself to the Board discussion in which Mr. Evers finally has his check writing largess neutered by his former allies and running mates with the exception of Ernie Kern, who hasn't quite figured out he's on a sinking ship with 203 days left to float. Hell, even Evers sees the water rising on his political career and voted to neuter himself. Click the icon below to hear the check discussion which leaves out the real reasons for the action, Evers writing another check without the consent of the Comptroller to the contractor in Water 14.

Justice for Joe?

We had to share this with our readers, the "Justice for Joe" website designed to stir up support for the indicted former Senate Majority Leader.

The senator apparently does not realize that justice comes with a fair trial. It isn't always, perfect as in the case of now Judge Henry Zwack who skated off of corruption charges involving the county's infamous no show job scandal which was covered up for more than a year after Zwack's running mate, the senator's own son, then District Attorney Ken Bruno, refused to step aside for a special prosecutor and instead "investigated" with a Grand Jury, his own running mate Henry Zwack.

No, justice isn't perfect as in the no show scandal where two innocent staffers were indicted by DA Bruno for allowing the no show employee to get paid while the man who ordered it all escaped an indictment. Years later, the accused employee remains the only person convicted in the scandal due to a guilty plea. Bruno and his sidekick former Governor Pataki took care of Zwack by appointing and confirming him to a lucrative post as a State Court of Claims Judge where he, of all people, judges others for a big state pay check.

No one in county government responsible for allowing the no show job to take place was ever convicted. Justice denied Joe. We invite you to use this example on your website Senator.


Interested Party said...

Justice for Joe should include many years put away for taking care of himself and his buddies ahead of the voters. He billed $3 million in consulting fees all while representing us as a NYS Senator- a pretty nice little side job. Take Boggess and Connolly with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the GOP meeting tonight. I plan to attend just to see which Democrats come crawling for the GOP endorsement!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt who the building department works for.

When I called the building dept. to complain during the installation of water district 14, I was told by the head himself, "There's nothing we can do, Casale is in charge."