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Monday, April 27, 2009

Wanted, Crowd At Fundraiser

Apparently things are going a bit slow for would be legislative candidate Lou Desso's scheduled Thursday fundraiser. So slow in fact, that many tickets have been given away in an effort to create the appearance of support.

Yesterday, we received an email from a customer of a local hardware store who found himself accosted by the candidate who was hanging around the store looking for folks to ask to attend. Don't worry grocery store customers, these large chains have policies that prevent solicitations of this nature on store property without the permission of management. You'll see kids raising change for their organizations but never a political candidate seeking money or handing out fliers, so shop in peace.

Desso's event is this Thursday at a local restaurant and are said to cost $40.00. Hold off on buying, you might get a free-bee if you wait long enough.

GOP Meets Again

The town Republican Committee is scheduled to meet again this evening at 7PM at their usual haunt. Prayers will be offered for those cast off from the flock. But the real question to come from this meeting is whether Republicans will continue their awkward efforts to dance with disenchanted Democrats like Al Spain and Kathryn Connolly.

We're sure there are some members of the committee who expressed strong opposition to so called Conservative callers like Mark Evers who helped put the screws to Republican Town Board candidate Stephanie Piel last year. The was left off all the campaign literature as Evers and Desso essentially ran with Al Spain. All three hijacked the Democratic line while two of the three ran as Republicans as well. Piel was the odd woman out and now finds herself on a Republican Committee interviewing Evers and Spain for Supervisor. We hear there were long stares during the last interviews with the pair. We also hear that Committeeman Tom Raymond is anxious to cast his vote on the Evers candidacy after Evers dumped him from a well deserved reappointement to a town's assessment review board. Hmm, do you wonder how they're going to vote on this one?

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i'll bet that some homeless folks would enjoy a nice meal.......