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Friday, April 10, 2009

Supervior's Check Powers Curbed

Last night's meeting saw the town board acting to reign in the Town Supervisor's ability to issue checks to vendors. The measure was prompted after Evers, for the second time, issued checks to the water contractor without proper oversight or despite that authority telling him not to do so.

An account of the meeting can be found in today's Troy Record here. But the fight seemed gone from Evers who may be coming to grips with the fact that his political career is coming to an end as even he voted for the dual check signature measure he once vigorously opposed.

As the Record also reports, Councilman Spain, a Democrat, may run for Supervisor with the Republican line, an endorsement previously gained by Evers in the last election. Like the stock market, Evers portfolio has sunk to new lows with the prospect of any major party endorsement looking as glum as a 401K.

We'll have more on this meeting and more on the continuing examples of malfeasance in the water contract's administrationin next week's editions. For now we wish all a Happy Easter.

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Anonymous said...

finally.......of course we all know "TURNCOAT AL" only did it to make some political hay!!!!