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Monday, April 20, 2009

Evers Saddles Up For Another Chance with GOP

Well he isn't begging the Democrats whom he disowned even before he took office in 2006, but he is willing to beg the Republicans to take another look at his sorry record of taking the town backwards for the past 4 years.

Mark Evers is said to be asking the town GOP to let him interview yet again in the hope that they will endorse him over a more baggage free alternative. In Evers mind, that is probably Al Spain, although as we have pointed out, Spain will be forced to defend much of the mis-steps of the man he ran with last year. Too bad since many of those puddle slappers were caused by the fatal mistake of trusting Evers and his spin on the actions of political opponents along with his own unique view of the art of governance.

Nonetheless, Al Spain will be wearing a political suit tailored to a great degree by Evers malfeasance and mismanagement. So now the GOP, the only political major party yet to formally distance themselves from Evers and their endorsement of 2007, remain his standard bearers and for lack of any other choices, and Evers only hope of a political endorsement this fall.

Democrats are known to rooting for an Evers endorsement since their campaign is clearly defined against him. So we will have to see whether their is any semblance of wisdom and political intuition in the Republican Committee which could cleanse itself of the Evers record entirely, partially or all together with a fresh face.

Since controversy makes more interesting reading, our suggestion is for Republicans to endorse Evers or in the alternative, Spain who is as close to Evers as one can get without overloading the political suitcase.

So saddle up for the interview Mark, but don't expect the Democrats to roll out a similar welcome mat. What's that old adage, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


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Interested Party said...

Interesting graphic you have there. Mark or Al- doesn't matter- both are useless. Dear Mr. DeJulio-please select a REPUBLICAN- that's the one represented by an elephant-boy, what a segway for a joke about another Town lifelong lady politician- but I'll stop here!!

Anonymous said...

You guys were made a fool by Ashe when you supported Evers. You were better off having him in office.