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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Town Board Meets Tonight

The Town Board will meet tonight for its regular monthly meeting. The agenda can be found here. There is a discussion item on the water districts which will give Board members an opportunity to admit "mistakes" made by town employees on various invoices displayed on the Pipeline. We'll there is little surprise that there are serious mistakes demonstrated by these invoices and claims, but the real issue is the competence of those doing the work. There we expect little in the way of accountability from the Board.

The Board would do well to take action on some clearly incompetent folks and admit it was not a good idea to put the so called Utilities Inspector in charge of the Water Contract for 14 as its "project coordinator". The contract needs to be administered by an outside independent firm that does not look the other way at contractor malfeasance or fail to ever hold the contractor accountable for repair work necessitated by shoddy work such as failing to tighten the blots on a pipe. It is clear from the way in which this contract was administered in town hall that no one has the competence to manage this project and there is a cozy relationship with the contractor that utterly fails to serve taxpayers.

After we reported the pipe thrown across the Wynantskill Creek, the contractor went to work to fix it with an underground boring across the creek. He missed the target on the other side and the pipe is still exposed. No problem apparently, for the town inspector who to our knowledge has said nothing to colleagues in town hall.

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