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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguaration Day

It's safe to say that the entire nation is looking forward to this day and the new presidency it will bring into being. With the economy in the worst shape in at least four decades, hope for change and renewal come with this historic swearing it which takes place at 11:30 today.

It's a tough time to be President with the economic and security challenges facing us along with two wars. President Obama will need every gift and every skill as he confronts these challenges. We wish him well as all Americans join him on this this journey.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, on this very special day in History- we can all take a moment and reflect. What can we do together for this Town that we cannot do divided. The answer is anything we set our mind to. Let the patriotism of today lead our Town back to the right path. We should all come together for the good of the masses- not individuals. It is Time for a change- and as the President so passionately states- "Yes we Can"