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Friday, January 23, 2009

"Good Government" Marches On

Given the goings on at the Town Board meeting last evening, the smug remark by Republican Legislative staffer Richard Crist made years ago to a reporter seems a good way, in the same context, to describe some of the town board's actions last evening.

First we have to report the roar that must have sounded in the minds of many in the audience and perhaps on the board, when a board member asked who is in charge of administering the overspent, mismanaged contract in Water 14. You know, the contract that just keeps costing more and more despite a million dollar plus legal settlement. None of the folks in the Building Department volunteered and no one on the town board, including our super manager, the town Supervisor knew what to say.

So incredibly, the Town Board wound up appointing a man with no expertise at all in contract administration, and yes, one of the folks who helped create the mess in the first place, the Utilities Inspector, Paul Patti. Our congratulations, Paul, because you have been made officially accountable for any continued screw ups with this last million bucks, a responsibility well beyond your pay grade, which is supposed to be a temporary position kept until the never ending contract is complete. His job, incidentally, is funded from water 14 funds and all he is supposed to be doing is inspecting and approving the contractor's work. Now lets not forget that the contractor stopped work for a very long time but, "good government" marched on, for the water 14 funded position stayed right in town hall and the cost to the town well, who cares right?

With Poestenkill officials about to start their own water district, they would do well to do what North Greenbush can't figure out, hire someone, an outside professional contract administrator with engineering credentials, to administer their millions in contract expenses.

So North Greenbush, we now, after all these millions and overspent millions to boot, have a "Contract Administrator". We at the Pipeline certainly feel better because we have someone to blame, but do stop in at town hall and congratulate the Board's new fall guy. Even he does not deserve the honor no matter which way you consider the responsibilities.

A Slap in the Face

Last night, Mark Evers managed to slap now former Assessment Board of Review member Tom Raymond by refusing to re-appoint him to another 5 year term. Instead he nominated the Wynantskill fire chief whom he first tried unsuccessfully to put on the Planning Board earlier in the month.

Al Spain and Lou Desso spoke up in favor of Mr. Raymond, who from all accounts has been a conscientious member of that board for the past 5 years and has even served as its chairman. Unfortunately, experience and a willingness to serve mean little to the town board and in a 3-2 vote, Raymond was replaced. What Evers gains is any one's guess, but there's no doubt that the public interest was not well served by the process and secrecy used by the Supervisor.

Political Smarts?

Mr. Raymond, is incidentally, a long time member of the town Republican Committee. We're sure that Supervisor Evers and Councilman Kern will be "shoe ins" for GOP Committee support for re-election come June when designating petitions are carried by Committee members like, Tom Raymond.

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