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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evers Brag on State Money Falls in Wrong Pocket

You have to wonder just how stupid Mr. Evers thinks the public is when it comes to their money? Now it appears he is bragging that the town has received $100,000 from the State to help pay for the overspent, over budget Water 14 project.

Now if that money were going to reduce the debt and the bonding cost associated with this boondoggle, you'd hear a cheer or two. But the reality is that the project is 2 million over budget and the recent "settlement" that cost the town, the whole town, not just Water 14 residents, another million plus, turns out to be no settlement at all. Just another bill with many more apparently coming from a contract that has no meaning in terms of a bid price.

That's how the clowns administering the contract got us into this mess. And now that the State is apparently throwing a hundred grand at the mess, it's just more money to give the contractor to finish or should we say, "work forever" on the project.

So Mr. Evers, when you can tell us the State money is helping to reduce the debt service, we'll send a cheer your way. Until then, its a drop in a never ending trough and it isn't the public that gobbling it up. We're just pouring the feed.
The Record has a story on the subject which you can read here.
The Country Grove Closes
It took the Times Union a while to notice the sign on the building, but they posted this note on their website on the closing of a true town landmark, the Country Grove.


Anonymous said...

i wonder who's going to pay for the recent water main problem that casale refused to respond to. the town had to hire a contractor to repair the newley laid casale water line....the problem turned out to be that casale failed to TIGHTEN THE BOLTS on a conection !!!!!!!!! this is crazy closing in on pure BS. the town father would be wise to start recovery action against casale...wait till the news people get this bit of info

Interested Party said...

Good for Mark getting that $100K from the State- that will easily cover the raise he wanted last year and then some. Oh, but wait, he's running again this year and he stated that he will not ask for another big boost...hmmm...something doesn't sound right. And don't expect him to bang on JR any time soon- the Conservatives are the only shot he has left.

Anonymous said...

Where will the Republicans meet now?