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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Chronology in Criminology

After reading his so called Supervisor’s Report in this week’s Sand Lake Advertiser, we have to wonder what Mark Evers was thinking when he threw in his attack on town residents and political opponents for using the Freedom of Information Act because, in his words, it costs the town money.

We suspect that Evers does not like the Freedom of Information Law because it is an effective tool at unearthing his lawless activities. One reader who brought this to our attention provided a short chronology of Evers misdeeds most of which would not have been brought to light without this important open government tool passed by the State Legislature two decades ago.

Of course, Mr. Evers thinks he and the folks in town hall who have helped him manage his administration deserve two more years of record building. He thinks critics should “run against him” if they don’t like what he’s doing. Now there’s a presumption if ever there was one, that being that Evers will be on the ballot to run against anyone in the first place! We’re certain Democrats hope Evers will be on the ballot, the Republican ballot that is, but we’re not too sure what Republicans will decide, new chairman and all.

Here’s A Walk Down Memory Lane with Mark Evers or If You Prefer,

"A Chronology in Criminology"!

In 2006 he permitted the purchase of a $23,500 vehicle, not budgeted or approved by the Town Board.

He unilaterally appointed a Clerk without Board approval.

Refused to order canvass of civil service list for Clerk position despite Board resolution.

Refused to pay approved employee salaries.

Paid $83,000 without Board approval to the contractor in Water 14 while knowing all of the bond money had been expended.

Allowed the Water contract to be exceeded without informing the Board.

In 2007, he delayed contracts approved by the Town Board.

He tried to make unilateral appointments to Comprehensive Plan Committee without Town Board approval.

He refused to provide a 2006 Financial Report; an Audit to Budget; an Audit to Budget for Fiscal 2007.

He appointed two more persons to the town payroll without the consent and vote of the appointing authority, the town board.

He ignored the law requiring him to schedule a special meeting to vote on the Comprehensive Plan.

He refused to obey laws requiring him to schedule a voter referendum on his proposal to force the entire town to borrow another million dollars to pay for Water 14.

He negotiated a union contract that allowed department heads to be part of a bargaining unit allowing the union to supervise themselves.

He attempted to defraud the State Retirement System by submitting false declarations that nearly caused a waiver to be issued for the town assessor that would have allowed him to collect his retirement in addition to his town salary.

In 2008, he sold out taxpayers and voters by agreeing to a settlement with the Water contractor that paid another million dollars for Water 14 and forced the whole town to pay.

He failed to supervise the water contract even after the State Comptroller’s critical audit by placing someone in charge of the contract.

He made up false claims about major contamination on Main Avenue to stop the town from accepting a large State grant.

Voted to approve a no bid contract to redo the completed Comprehensive Plan which he ran in 2005 supporting only to sabotage after being elected.

Refused to disclose who the members of his so called Transition Team were in an apparent effort to further his reputation for “open government”.

Stopped the broadcast of town board meetings on Public Access television, again a demonstration of his love for open government.

Appointed an attorney with a criminal record to represent the town in Town Court.

Appointed another attorney to represent the town in Town Court who was removed from the judicial bench in Troy for misconduct by the State highest court.

Appointed a then party chairman to the town IDA which approves loans to folks who might then be solicited for party campaign contributions.

Provided false and perjurious affirmations and records to a State agency to obtain an unlawful benefit to a political supporter.

Allowed a contract vender to receive free health insurance at taxpayer expense for the past 3 years costing taxpayers $15,000 on his watch.

Attempted to grab himself a 280% $42,000 pay raise which was rejected by the Board.

In 2009, (So Far!)Evers voted with the majority to appoint a “Utilities Inspector” as the “Project Coordinator” for the overspent, mismanaged contract in Water 14, one of the very same people who was part of the management team that got us into this mess.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was also amusing how Evers sang Bruno's praises in that report in the advertiser. Does Evers not read the papers? Not so sure you should be thanking a guy was just indicted. Be careful who your friends are, sometimes people may judge you by who you associate with.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a thought, birds of a feather...
But did you notice that other blog has been out of commission for quite a while. They are commenting on a friend who is sick. Could that be the blog's author? Hint, it's a town hall politically connected employee.

Anonymous said...

pic brings to mind the old "alfred e. newman".....WHAT ME WORRY !!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like NGP has finally gotten to Evers. Good work guys. He blinked. Evers made the same mistake that many former disgraced politicos have made...show desperation with that tiny drop of sweat rolling down their temple while giving their opponents credence and publicity. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Why won't you post the information about the extramarital affair involving the beautician and you know who?