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Monday, December 29, 2008

Evers Makes Himself "Famous"

He probably does not even realize it, the damage done to his credibility every day on an advertisement for a local TV news cast. Yet for more than a year now, a promotional spot created and run several times a day to promote CBS 6 news features our own Mark Evers putting his hand in front of the camera in an effort to stop reporter Craig Smith from getting answers from our Town Supervisor.

One can't calculate the effect on the audience seeing this over and over again. Politicians usually pay big bucks to get a commercial in front of viewers at least three times so that it begins to be remembered by the viewer. In this case, Evers opponents are paying nothing and because of his own arrogance and behavior with the media, he's getting slammed so many times a day in a brief shot as part of a larger promo for the stations news cast.

The problem for Evers, of course is that it's been run so many times, you start to know it by heart. So take some time to watch CBS 6 day or night and watch for the promos run for their newscasts. The more the local press deals with Mr. Evers, the more you'll likely see spots like these. He's a reporter's dream!


Anonymous said...

funny as hell at judge mc graph's swearing in the local officals were called out but it seems even though evers was there in all his hand shakin glory it seems his name wasn't mentioned....the beginning of the end....nice knowin ya mark !!!!

Interested Party said...

Mark has alot to be proud of and a solid record of accomplishments for his re-election platform in 2009:

1. Water 14 administrative overseeing including the recent settlement with the contractor that will not finish the job and pay more than market value to complete the outstanding work.
2. Proposed pay raise of 280% for 2009 which thankfully was shot down.
3. Being controlled completely by the Town Clerk and ignoring the other Board members (except his pal Big Ern)

Election Day 2009- please hurry. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can put a link to the commercial up so we can all see what a fool NG is being made of?

What a sad state of affairs we're in!

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

To the last comment, there is no link to any commercial on their web site so as much as we would like to make it easy for all to see, you'll just have to watch the area's number one local newscast and hope they run it.
It is also run thorughout the day and evening during regular programming so anytime you are watching WRGB, you stand a chance of seeing the "hand".