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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's Stopping Evers From Taking His Raise?

After Mark Evers ran with his tail between his legs at the last Board meeting over the effort to reward himself with a 280% pay raise, we were reminded by several readers that such obstacles as town board authorization have never deterred him from breaking the law and engaging in actions that defied the authority required from a Board vote.

Evers for example, unilaterally hired several people from civil service lists without a town board vote. To this day, the town board has done nothing to correct his lawless actions.

Evers fired a town board appointed Professional Engineer without any discussion from the town board or even the town legal department because Evers wanted no outside supervision over his unionized Building Department. He hung the man, a disabled veteran, out to dry after he left his prior employment with two weeks notice in good faith.

Evers reclassified other Board appointed employees with no action from the Board to consent to the re classifications. In fact, many people were unaware of the actions of Evers with regard to their titles, which was done in an effort to remove people Evers did not like.

Evers signed checks to his friends in the Conservative Party who hold the water 14 contract after being told all the bond money was spent and there was no money to pay the contractor legally since he can only be paid from bond funds. He did it anyway. Last December 2006 he ordered an $83,000 check he personally signed one day after a board meeting. Of course he blames the lady he ordered to issue the check being the coward that he is when confronted. This money incidentally was part of a court ordered reimbursement totalling 268,000 improperly expended from the General Fund to Casale Excavating for Water 14 work.

Evers has given out large insurance buyouts to several employees who are not legally entitled to them. Our money gifted out without consent of the town board or review by town attorneys who would never have approved the disbursement.
Evers also tried to sabotage a town board appointed Comprehensive Plan Committee by unilaterally "appointing" a bunch of his political hacks in an effort to raise havoc on the committee. The current town board hid from that action as well by refusing to admit he had no authority to do what he did when they appointed most of these hacks to their new Comprehensive Plan Committee, then set it to work with a no bid contract.

So with all this past history, we have to ask what is stopping Evers from just ordering more money for himself without town board approval? Nothing stopped his other actions including the out to lunch town board that sits back to this day and refuses to reign in the town's lawless executive or hold him accountable for his actions.

So Mr. Evers, why not just take that raise for yourself. It's pretty clear the town board has shown no guts up to now to correct your lawless actions. They have done nothing to force recovery of thousands of dollars you authorized improperly to employees who are not entitled to these payments or who hold jobs without the required town board appointment.

Why would they stand up to you now after looking the other way for so long at your actions? $65,000 is just waiting for you Mr. Supervisor. So why not just do what you have always done as Supervisor?

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