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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Follies

They say loyalty is a rare commodity especially among politicians. This photo is certainly an essay in party loyalty with so called Democrats endorsing a Republican candidate for the State Senate. You'll find it in this week's Advertiser.
Lucky North Greenbush residents claim two of these Democratic endorsed candidates for town board under now former party chairman Jeff Spain. We give Mark Evers a partial pass because he's a registered Conservative who managed a cross endorsement deal that attempted to deny a choice for his office in last year's election. Clearly, however, Democrats can see that he is not a Democrat and will not likely endorse him again next year.
But then there's Al Spain, a registered Democrat selling out his party when it is fielding a highly qualified candidate, Mike Russo, for State Senate. Even brother Jeff Spain saw his potential with a large donation to Russo from the party checking account.
What can be said about Al Spain's credentials as a Democrat? We'll leave you to decide. But these great political thinkers all, may find that even if the Republican candidate wins this race, the State Senate has a very high probability of turning Democratic for the first time in three decades. If that happens, the GOP senators will have as much political clout as Watergate burglars. Boys, if that happens, don't call the Rensselaer County Democratic Chairman from your political brothel for help with the State Senate. We hear he values party loyalty.


joe spairana said...

to whom it may concern as a real DEMOCRAT, I DONOT...REPETE DONOT support roy mac donald. our chairman has worked long and hard to bring the party back to renss. county and all loyal democrats owe him our support. proud to be a real democrat, joe spairana,wynantskill

Anonymous said...

Some people don't seem to get it. It's not that these so called democrats can't support whomever they want, it's that they should not expect loyal democrats who work to get members of their faith elected to support democrats who are unfaithful to their party and it's principles. Sure Spain can endorse all the Republicans he wants. But democrats will remeber this and simply exercise their right not to support someone is is clearly unsupportive of fellow party members who as Mr. Russo is, highly qualified to serve.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter folks. I am a life long Democrat, but often vote for a Republican state senator because their values line up more closely with mine for local politics. One platform for the nation and one platform for the local community.

Regardless of which party is in control, I prefer a state senator who has the contacts and years of experience of knowing how to work the system.

I have seen nothing that tells me Mike Russo will do a better job of meeting the needs of this community than McDonald.

Jay Grey

Anonymous said...

I think the point is not one's right to support anyone they choose, that's a given. Rather it is the responsibility one accepts as a party officer or an elected official in a party to support your team at least publicly. Imagine for example if you were the chairman of GM and told stockholders to buy Fords? How long would stockholders support such a corporate officer?

As to the last comment on supporting someone who knows the system, I think both candidates for senate know the system, one having been in local and state government for years and the other a staffer for a congresswoman.

The experience of the candidates is not the issue but rather the policies they support. We are in a fiscal mess in NY in part because of the free pork handed out by elected officials including our own Joe Bruno. Millions spent on stadium, on all kinds of projects which now bear his name, money we really could not as a state afford. That pork system has to stop especially now that the state is in a huge deficit and financial crisis. Which candidate is part of that legacy and which might be best able to stop it?