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Friday, October 10, 2008

Desso Plans Run for Legislature

It didn't take long for Lou Desso to figure out that he should try another political gig before the calender grows as short as the one facing Mark Evers and Ernie Kern.

Desso is telling people he plans to run for the County Legislature next year with pal Leon Fiacco. This is yet another example of the depth of former Democratic Chairman Jeff Spain's sell out of the Democratic Party for his support and endorsement of people with no allegiance to the Democratic Party.

Desso will not run as a Democrat. He could not get the party's endorsement and will not have the line that was crucial to winning a town council seat last year. The numbers speak volumes when you consider that despite being on 4 major party lines, Desso would have lost without the Democratic Party line last November.

It should be quite an interesting race next year with Lou Desso joining Leon Fiacco who lost a bid for the legislature in 2005 with GOP backing. Little has changed with regard for public support for a candidate who helps Desso stall the town's completed Comprehensive Plan to buy time for developers. Fiacco is on the new Comprehensive Plan Committee that recommended the hiring of a new consultant with a no bid contract.
By failing to adopt the completed Comprehensive Plan, these folks have squandered an opportunity to use soon to be former Congressman Mike McNulty's clout and seniority to fund the proposed I-90 Connector. North Greenbush will have a freshman Congressman next year without the 20 years of seniority critical to obtaining support for such funding.

Support for no bid contracts is not exactly an inspiring aspect of a candidacy for elective office. Nor is support for a town budget that reaps big pay raises for friends in town hall and a lucrative million dollar settlement for a local water contractor who endorsed your bid for elective office. Gee, do you think support for such a big pay day for the Conservative Chairman's contracting company could have made a few less people angry if only those who lived in the water district were forced to pay for it?

All things considered, the race should be fun to watch, not only for the candidate mix, but for the endless possibilities of primary challenges on all sides.
Budget Story in the TU
The Times Union has been out of the North Greenbush picture when it comes to politics. But they did a story on the budget and Mark Evers pay raise which you can read here.


Anonymous said...

desso is "small potatoes" he'll get no support at the county level....the ranking reps i've spoken with turn thumbs down on desso......

Anonymous said...

With his background record- I do not see that happening.

Anonymous said...

You know- when I think of the most practical place to live feed from on the removal of the bar code from Drivers License's by Channel 6 - I automatically think of Bev Mart in Wynantskill. Let's see- Frank Merola making the announcement- newly elected vice-chair of the NG Rep. Comm Lee Fiacco(Also owner of said Bev Mart and soon to be running for Legislature). Is there any preconceived patronage going on here? Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!