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Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Vote Creates Tie

When the mystery ballot was finally opened yesterday at 3PM at the Board of Elections, the Democratic Majority led by the Ashley-Smith faction of pro-comprehensive plan candidates had tied for the second place position which had been held by Pat Nolan of the Spain faction.

The tie means Mr. Nolan loses the seat and only Clark Cavanugh, the first place vote getter, wins at the ballot box. Later this month, the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee will fill the vacancy and will likely award the seat to a party member loyal to the Ashley-Smith team.

Mr. Nolan ran an excellent campaign and worked hard. We commend him for that effort.

Editor's Note:
We always appreciate those who find our spelling mistakes. We do however know how to spell truth, even in latin.


Nuallain said...

Congratulations to Clark Cavanaugh. I'd also like to thank to everyone out here in ED4 for your support and probably more important, for showing the rest of the town that clean campaigns and elections can be run in North Greenbush. While I appreciate the moderators commendation I must disagree with the sentiment regarding faction loyalty. This party must stop the perpetual in-fighting that is based on old rivalries. We need people that are able to support positive change for the good of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee and the Town of North Greenbush. The constant fighting will tear this town apart and we all deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to CB and Dan. Give 'em hell boys!!

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

Politics is strife in pursuit of goals. Sometimes those without an ethical compass discard any rules for engagement of their adversaries. When this occurs, as it has occurred in North Greenbush with those using the banner of the Democratic Party to pursue goals (Wolf Road) that are at best in conflict with the best interests of the party and the town, wounds do not heal with expediency.
When civility is cast aside to pursue character assination, it does not permit harmony or trust.
We wish this were not so and we wish these nails had not been driven so deeply into the fabric of those who feel injured.

Anonymous said...

once again one can see the importance of their vote........your ONE vote does count !!!!!!!!!!