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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Connolly Manipulating Supreme Court Endorsement

It's amazing to hear stories on Tom Connolly's behind the scenes involvement in manipulating the Democratic Party and its endorsement decisions. On Friday, a Judicial Nominating Convention is scheduled to take place in Albany and long time Democratic Judge Pat McGrath is seeking his party's nomination for the one seat available this November.

That seat is held by a Republican, Anthony Carpinello and he is seeking the endorsement of the Democratic Party while holding the GOP endorsement. Sound familiar? It should because that's exactly what happened in North Greenbush last year with the so called Democrats under Spain and Connolly selling out their party to the Republicans and attempting to deny voters a choice at the polls in November. No matter which party line you voted on, you were likely to be voting for the same candidate.

Angry citizens saw this coming at created the Greenbush Party which gave town residents a choice and that line achieved more votes in November than any other party line on its own. Judge McGrath does not have that option and must win a majority of the Democratic delegates to get on the ballot in November to give voters a choice between himself and Republican Judge Carpinello.

That's where Tom Connolly playing Independence Party Chairman and honcho comes in. A true Republican operative, Tom has been busy twisting the arms of Democrats using his party nominations for local offices as leverage to get Democrats to vote against one of their own and for the Republican candidate.

It's time Democrats showed some backbone against Tom Connolly and the GOP he works for. Time for a vote for a democratic election by choosing a Democrat to provide voters a real choice in November between TWO candidates and not simply ONE candidate on every party line. It's time for Democrats to say no to Mr. Connolly and yes to their own party and a fair competitive election.
County Democrats to Meet in North Greenbush
The Rensselaer County Democratic Committee will meet next Wednesday at the American Legion to elect its Chairman and officers. Current County Chair Tom Wade will receive a majority of the North Greenbush weighted vote as evidenced by the recent victory of committee members aligned with him.
Town GOP's New Officers?
We heard the GOP town committee met and elected officers. But as of yet, nothing official was filed with the county Board of Elections. Until a letter arrives notifying the Board of the election of officers, the prior officers remain recognized at least officially. We'll let you know when papers are filed for all town parties and who the new officers are.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I for one- would like to see one election with out the Republicans(dressed as Conservatives/Reps/Concerned Dems)making back door deals. Stick to the party you have pledged your allegiance to. I know that is a new concept.
Let us pray the slate of officers they supposedly elected on Monday night was a joke.