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Monday, August 4, 2008

Town Board on a Bus!

The Comprehensive Plan Committee held a meeting with the Town Board on a school bus Friday morning at 9am for a two hour tour. Unlike the S.S. Minow, this tour returned to town hall where 4 town board members, the town clerk and about 6 CPC members de-boarded safely.

The Notice of the meeting posted on the town web page failed to mention where the Committee was meeting to debark on this adventure, but considering that the there was no room for the public to attend anyway, one would conclude they really didn’t want public observation of their discussions.

The new “no-bid” consultant was in attendance as well and we presume he had a captive audience on the benefits of no bid contracts. No, Lillian Parsons was not allowed on the bus, nor was her famous "Queen Ann Chair" accomodated for the ride. For the record, only one town board member, Alan Michaels, felt sufficiently knowledgeable about the town to decline the tour.
Planning Board Meets Tonight
On the agenda is site plan approval for the other corner of RT 4 and 43 for BET Development. This is the same company whose flagship project, VRM Mall, had been stopped in its tracks by the State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Record reported Saturday that DEC reached a deal with the developer to continue the project.
While we do not have the answers as to why the DEC stopped them form building the mall, we would guess it has a great deal to do with storm water management and the messy, potentially dangerous retention pond they built off Bloomingrove Drive.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... a picture of a school bus in front of the annex of the town offices during the summer when campers are being dropped off... how very strange.

Anonymous said...

The "Magical Mystery Tour". Now, I hope we can assume the Town Board knows their way around the community.
Tell me that the esteemed Town Clerk went "along for the ride". She had to be there. Anything to keep her from doing her job. Did they have a smoking section? Wasting time and money seem to be the priority in North Greenbush.

Anonymous said...

Does the developer have any venders? With the economy what it is and retail stocks steadily dropping, one has to wonder what organizations are willing to sign on. We had long been promised a "Stuyvesant Plaza" type mall but the last I heard Kohl’s was a possibility. Stuyvesant Plaza would never have a Kohl’s in their established mall. Are there any parameters the developer has as to what venders can sign on or will any Dollar Store do?