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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Changes Loom in Town Hall

Rumors abound that one of the two secretaries Mark Evers "appointed" without a required vote of the town board as the legitimate appointing authority of the town is leaving. Evers is apparently moving his "secretary" to the Building Department when the current holder of that job returns to a normal life. Once done, he will hire a close friend as his "Confidential Assistant".

Neither of the two folks were ever legitimately appointed to their positions because there was never a town board vote to appoint anyone. Nonetheless the folks at Rensselaer County Civil Service looked the other way at the illegitimate hires because they have clearly and convincingly been in political bed with the Supervisor, the Town Clerk and the boys in town hall who so badly mismanaged the contract for Water District 14.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night's love fest with the Conservative Contractor who endorsed the current board majority and who hold the best , never ending, open ended water contract anywhere to our knowledge. Not to mention a great lease of the town police station. We wonder, does he rent cars too?

Many of the answers are well presented in a Troy Record article today which you can read here.

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