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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

Tonight's Public Hearing at 6:30 on a proposed Town House development on Winter Street near the controversial Westview Estates should give residents an opportunity to raise concerns over significant drainage problems created by an inadequate planning process by the town in approving projects.

Westview Estates was controversial from its inception, built on hilly terrain which produced significant flooding to surrounding areas and even across the highway to the opposite side of the street.

These photos were taken last evening at 7:30 pm just prior to the road leading into the estates as you head towards Williams Road. The water entended well beyond the camera range down past North Road. A town police car was stationed at the driveway to the old Armenian Federation Grounds because of the flooding . The Highway Superintendent was also on the scene dealing with the problems.

Retainage ponds have not been adequate to handle the water, yet all was approved by our town engineer, Building Department and Planning Board.With a new large Town House project planned right next to Westview Estates, residents are certain to have concerns about water as well as the usual array of issues that crop up with large developments.

One significant concern is the desire by this developer to have the town take ownership, (and liability) for a retention pond for the Town House project. With ownership, the town would have to maintain it at a considerable cost to taxpayers. Many feel the last thing the town needs to do is assume liability for developers by carrying the burdens, financial and otherwise, of the consequences of development.

The public is invited to attend the hearing just before the town board meeting. The hearing begins at 6:30PM tonight at the town offices on Main Avenue.
A "Super" Trophy
Our thanks to a reader and town resident who managed to take this close up shot of the Championship Trophy won by the NY Giants. The trophy was in Albany last night on pupbic display.

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