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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Team Spain Emerging

Yet another victim appears to have been claimed by those seeking to keep the Democratic Party in Republican hands in North Greenbush. Friday we reported that the chief of the DeFreestville Fire Department was enlisted to help keep the Democratic Committee in the hands of the County GOP. It appears this crew sees no harm in creating conflict of interests to maintain the GOP control of the Democratic Party and denying voters a choice at the polls in the process.

Now another good man has been brought to the front lines of this political war in one Pat Nolan of the Snyders Lake area. Pat is running against the heart of true Democratic power in the town in a district dominated by a loyal Democratic enrollment which was recently strengthened even further. He will run against two dominant families, the Cavanaughs and the Premos.

Pat who is a an all around nice guy will have to defend Jeff Spain’s antics and manipulation of the two party system into a single party endorsement of the GOP slate. This “Republicratic” slate could not have taken power without the betrayal of the Democratic Party by the Spains and Connollys.

Democrats in North Greenbush were promised “reform” by Spain and his band of “Democrats”. Instead they gave us Republicans, stopped passage of the Comprehensive Plan, have done nothing to enforce the overspent 6.4 million dollar water 14 contract or complete the district, left the same folks in charge of the contract that overspent it and left the floodgates open for developers in a town where planning takes a back seat to politics. That's quite a platform and we wish those defending it a lot of luck. Incidentally, Clerk Connolly probably didn't mention to Mr. Nolan who he would be running against and why she does not now want to run in the lake district. She does not want to face either Cavanaugh or Premo. She's headed home to ED 8.

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